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Oct 02

Halloween 2016

I got some more work done the (long) weekend on my props for Halloween 2016. This garden arch was free via Gumtree.  I extended the depth (to suit the plastic mesh I already had) by cutting 7 new bars from old curtain rods. The wooden base was free (pallets) and will keep the bottom of …

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Dec 11

One Man’s Trash

Well, they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I saw this gazebo frame sticking out of a bin in front of a hire place up the street from work, so asked if I could have it.  I’m guessing it got trashed in the recent strong winds.         10 minutes later …

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Nov 08

CAT6 Catastrophe

I had 151m of CAT6 cable left on a old reel, but the reel itself had broken.  Luckily the cable was still formed in a coil shape.   I managed to carefully unroll it by attaching one end to the street light pole outside our house and walking down to the corner of the neighbours …

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Nov 07

Halloween 2015

About mid October, I decided to do a Halloween display. You can check it out here.

Feb 17

LED Light Set Power Supply Warning

I’ve added a page that explains why some power supplies that come with LED light sets are dangerous.  Check it out here.

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