Cemetery Crosses

I started with two 1800mm (6′) x 95mm (4″) palings that were left over from building a fence.

A circular saw with a rip fence set to 35mm was used to cut them into 35mm and 55mm sizes.

The 35mm pieces were cut at 600mm (2′) to make the stakes and the 55mm pieces were cut at 350mm (14″) for the horizontals.

This allowed me to get six complete crosses out of the two palings with some left overs.

A UV light will be used to illuminate the crosses at night.

Here’s some lit up with the 10W UV LED flood light.

The real colours (from left to right) are orange, white and yellow.

Interestingly the middle one (plain white paint) is barely visible to the naked eye.

I’m not sure that the colours look as patchy to the naked eye either.

The fluorescent paint was from Kmart and comes as a 4 pack for $5.




Well, it turns out theĀ  Kmart paint is affected by rain and sun.

Almost all of the colour was gone after 2 weeks outside.

This time I tried fluorescent spray paint from Supercheap Auto.

The colours (from left to right) are blue, red, green and yellow.