Kerosene Lamp Flicker LED

I picked up a couple of used kerosene (hurricane) lamps for a few dollars each at a local charity shop.

These should look good somewhere in my Halloween display.

kero_lantern2A draw wire was poked down one side from the top.

It was then pulled through into the wick adjuster area.

A two core cable was then pulled back up to the top.








kero_lantern3After a bit a stuffing around, more of the plan started to emerge.

A 5mm yellow flicker LED was roughed up and poked through the top of the wick.

The two core cable was would around then soldered to the LED.










kero_lantern4The LED can be adjusted up and down using the original wick adjust knob.












kero_lantern5This height looked about right.










The flicker looks pretty good even with the fairly clean glass: