LED Replacement Lamps

I recently started updating some of the lighting in my home to LED lamps. I had used some CFL lamps in the past, but was disappointed by the high early failure rate and the poor (too high) colour temperature of them.

So… here’s the results of my purchasing research and how the LED lamps have performed (so far) in various applications around my home.

Chandelier Lamp

This 7W E14 chandelier style lamp ($8.99 from IKEA) seems to be a good replacement for the 40W incandescent lamps in kitchen range hoods. The brightness is reasonable and it starts up in a fraction of a second. It’s a little larger than the original lamp, but I had no trouble fitting them in.

These lamps are also available in lower powered (200 lumen and 90 lumen) versions which would probably suit some smaller table lamps.

GU10 Lamp

I got a few of these 4W GU10 lamp ($6.99 from IKEA) to use in the track lighting for my games room. I don’t need a lot of light in there – just enough to play the pinball machines without killing the atmosphere.

They work quite well in this application. They are not too bright and the 2700K colour temperature suits the pinball machines environment nicely.

GU10 5W Lamp

I used these 5W GU10 downlight lamps ($36.00 per pack of 4 from Bunnings) as replacements for the 35W incandescent MR16 lamps in our kitchen area. The brightness and colour temperature (3000K) is good and they start up almost instantly.

The original MR16 fittings were replaced (and 12V transformers removed) at the same time to accommodate the new lamp type. Power consumption in this area has dropped from 175W (+ transformer losses) to a mere 25W with no reduction in light output.

These lamps are also available as a 2-pack for $19.90 if that’s all you need.

MR16 Lamp

I tried these 7W MR16 downlight lamps ($29.90 from Bunnings) as replacements for the three 20W incandescent MR16 lamps above our dining table. The brightness was way too high and the 4000K colour looked ugly.

The current incandescent MR16 lamps are on iron-core transformers with a leading-edge dimmer. Despite these lamps being marked as dimmable, they did not dim correctly at all. Maybe they’d work better with a trailing-edge dimmer.

I returned them for a refund and am still looking for something more suitable. If I didn’t need the dimming capability, I’d use the Mirabella 5W GU10 lamps above.









3w_240v_led_e14This E14 base lamp bought via eBay was just $2.59 delivered.

On my power meter it came in as only 1.85W even though it was advertised as 3W.

The warm white colour is quite nice for a bedside light.

If you’re looking for something to read by, you’ll need something brighter.


3w_240v_led_b22This B22 based lamp (from the same eBay seller) was just $2.51 delivered.

Also rated as 3W, it measured just 2W on my power meter.