12 Channel DC Controller (DMX Input)


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12 Channel DC Controller (DMX Input)


  • Dual DC input (12V-36V)
  • 2x 20A mini blade fuses
  • Remaining side will continue working if other side’s fuse blows
  • 12 DC outputs (5A max per channel or 10A max per 3 channels)
  • Plug-in terminals arranged as V+, Ch, Ch, Ch (suits RGB)
  • True isolated DMX input (2x RJ45 sockets)
  • Jumper for DMX termination
  • Socketed MAX485 chip
  • DIP switch for DMX address and loss-of-DMX mode
  • Status LEDs
  • PCB size is 107mm x 110mm
  • Supplied fully built and tested

The DC12 will work with any standard DMX source. You can use an “open DMX” style USB interface (such as our USB485RJ-ISO) with the Advanced version of Light-O-Rama’s S3, Light Show Pro, xLights or Vixen software.

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