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The APC1031B is an Arduino based Halloween controller designed to activate props with a “try-me” input/button.


Connect the 0V and V+ terminals to a 12V power source.


The trigger can be a PIR sensor, beam break sensor, or just a plain switch contact.

The sensor needs to have an "open collector" output (pulls to 0V when activated).

PIR / beam break sensor:

  • 0V goes to the sensor's ground (-ve) wire.
  • TS goes to the sensor's output wire.
  • T+ goes to the sensor's power (+ve) wire.


  • 0V goes to one side of the switch.
  • TS goes to the other side of the switch.



Make sure that all batteries have been removed from the prop's battery compartment.

With 12V applied to the board's power input, set the prop voltage via the small trim control on the regulator sub-board.

Measure the voltage between the 0V and P+ terminals with nothing connected.

Turning the trimmer CW reduces the voltage and CCW increases the voltage.

  • 0V connects to the negative battery terminal.
  • P+ connects to the positive battery terminal.
  • T1 and T2 connect to where the try-me button would normally go (either way around).

Aux Output

This output is switched from the power input (aux output always the same voltage as power input) and is intended to drive scene illumination. Refer to jumper section for options on when and how this activates.

Trim Controls

  • VR1: Action time (2 - 22 secs).
  • VR2: Lockout time before unit can be triggered again after action ends (2 - 22 secs).


The 3-pin jumper under the Arduino Nano selects the voltage applied to the T+ pin on the trigger connector.

  • T5 5V from the Arduino's regulator
  • T12 12V from the power input
  • J2A OFF: Aux output snaps on and off. ON: Aux output fades on and off.
  • J2B OFF: No delay on trigger. ON: Prop activation delayed by two seconds after trigger.


  • The 4 pin serial connector is not currently used.
  • PGM switch and LED are not currently used.
  • CH1 and CH2 servo output are not currently used.