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The APC805A switches a heavy duty relay in response to a DMX channel level.


  • 240V powered
  • Heavy duty relay (uncommitted N/O 10A contacts)
  • 5V 700mA aux output
  • RJ45 (ESTA pinout) DMX input and loop output
  • DMX address DIP switch
  • Selectable DMX channel mode
  • LEDs for 5V and relay status
  • PCB size 72mm x 110mm

AC Input

240V power is applied to the terminal block. This is not connected to the relay.


The relay is an uncommitted normally open configuration. This means that it can switch a different 240V supply that is powering the board.


The relay contacts are protected by an M205 10A delay fuse.

DC Output

This output can provide 5V at up to 700mA for accessory items.

DMX Input

There are two RJ45 connectors for DMX input / through. They are wired in parallel so it makes no difference which one is used as input. The RJ45 pinout is per the ESTA standard.


The termination ("TERM") jumper is next to one of the RJ45 sockets. Leave this jumper on (terminated) if the board is the last (or only) one in the wiring chain (only one socket used). Remove it (unterminated) if the board is in the middle of the wiring chain (both sockets used).

Start Channel

When you receive your APC805A, it will be set to DMX start channel 1 on DIP switches 1 to 9. You can change the DMX start address during operation.

See the DMX address setting page for more detail.

Channel Mode

When DIP switch 10 is off, the relay is turned on when the start channel is over 50% and off when it is under 50%.

When DIP switch 10 is on, the relay is turned on when the start channel rises over 50%. The relay is turned off again when the start channel + 1 rises over 50%.


  • 5V power LED
  • Relay on LED