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The APC847 DMX scene board can record and playback 7 static scenes, each being one 512 channel universe.


The DMX PCB is powered from a 12V DC 200mA source. The switch input PCB (APC822 or APC858) gets its power from the DMX PCB.

The A revision of the DMX board can also draw power from a P-DMX source (must be 12V).

DIP switches

1-5: Play time.

  • All 4 off = play until another scene is selected or bypass mode is engaged.
  • SW1 on = 5 seconds
  • SW2 on = 10 seconds
  • SW3 on = 20 seconds
  • SW4 on = 40 seconds
  • SW5 on = 80 seconds

If multiple switches are on, their values add. eg SW1 & SW3 on = 25 seconds. When scene times out, the DMX output will go to a blank scene.

6: Switch release mode.

  • SW6 off = Do nothing when buttons 2..7 are released.
  • SW6 on = Go back to the scene 1 (SW7 off) or blank scene (SW7 on) when buttons 2..7 are released.

7: Play end mode.

  • SW7 off = Go to the blank scene after scenes 1..7 time out (as per SW1..5).
  • SW7 on = Go to the default scene (1) after scenes 2..7 time out (as per SW1..5).

8: Initial pass mode.

  • SW8 off = Power up in pass mode. (DMX in -> DMX out)
  • SW8 on = Power up in scene play mode.


  • SW9 off = Run blank scene when mode changes to play.
  • SW9 on = Run scene 1 when mode changes to play (SW10 must also be off).

10: Record.

  • SW10 off = Play scene 1-7 when button 1-7 is pressed.
  • SW10 on = Record scene (snapshot of current DMX input) 1-7 when button 1-7 is pressed.


  • PWR: On when power is applied to the board.
  • CPU: Flashes slowly during normal operation.
  • DMX: Flashes briefly each time a DMX frame is received.
  • PASS: On when the board is in pass mode. (DMX in -> DMX out)
  • TRIG: Not used.
  • REC: Flashes once briefly as DMX in recorded to the flash memory.
  • PLAY: On when a scene (1-7) is being played to the DMX output.


When the board is powered down, the relays will connect DMX in to DMX out.


The 10 pin "CPU" connector on the switch input PCB (APC822 or APC858) plugs into the 10 pin "IN" connector on the (APC847) DMX PCB.

  • Inputs 1-7 trigger scenes 1-7 for record or playback. (as per DIP switch 10))
  • Input 8 toggles pass / playback mode.