2011 Christmas Display

Here’s some details on my 2011 Christmas display:

PC Software:
LOR S3 Advanced software was used create the animations and drive my display.

The data from LOR S3 is output via E1.31 in multicast mode to my 2 controller cabinets.

Controller Hardware:

  • 5, 12 & 30V Mean Well power supplies (one of each type)
  • J1SYS ECG-DR4 E1.31 to 4 port DMX interface
  • J1SYS ECG-PIXAD8 E1.31 to 8 port pixel interface
  • AVD DC24 24 channel DC controller
  • Custom 8 port P-DMX distributor (one cabinet only)


  • Big W strings for trees and fences
  • Big W strings for gutter line
  • 5V meteor tubes
  • Net lights on bushes
  • Mini candy canes on front window