This web site is for me to share my software, Christmas and Halloween display projects & other bits. You can now buy some of the boards I make in the da-Share shop. You can contact me (David Duffy) via email: david at da-share dot com

Fan 60mm x 25mm 12V 1.4W
Mesh Filter Suits 60mm Fan
Ventilator Suits 60mm Fan
8 Way Fuse Board (Plug-in Outputs)
4-Way Fused Mains Distro
Mini Pixel Controller / Tester WS2811
LOR - ESTA DMX RJ45 Adapter
RJ45 DMX Splitter
Cable Ties 100mm w/Label Tag (Pk 100)
Cable Tie Screw Mount (50 Pack)
Vent 30mm White Plastic
Weatherproof Enclosure (Pole Mount)
PG9 Cable Gland Black (10 Pack)
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