Mystery Box

For now this project is called the Mystery Box, mainly because it’s a mystery why it will end up being!

I built this box a little differently; the top is fixed to the sides and drops over the bottom panel.


mystery_box1 Six 12V RGB LED modules shine down from under the top.

You could also use RGB strip, but I had these in my pile of stuff.

I fitted a small 4 pin connector tail to the LEDs.

This way the top can be easily disconnected from the base.






mystery_box2The module’s mounting holes were too small for the screws I had.

So, out came the staple gun to fix them and the wiring into position.

The staple gun was set to the lowest force setting.









mystery_box3Here it is lit up.  It should look good at night.

The RGB modules mean I can have the colour change as part of a sequence.








mystery_box4I finally got to use the 2″ stencil letter kit today.

Readers who grew up in the 80s’ will recognise the 8675309 number.










mystery_box5Speaker, mp3 board and DMX module for the LEDs installed.

The DMX module cycles through colours by itself.

I have the option to control the lights via DMX at a later stage.







Here it is playing a sample audio file.  This may change for Halloween 2017.