10W LED Driver Mod

These little 10W LED drivver modules are under $2 each on eBay.  They take a 12V AC input and driver a typical 10W LED with a 9V – 12V DC forward voltage.

You can feed them with 12V DC, but that leaves little headroom for the driver to operate.

If you can live with the DC input being polarity sensitive, you can gain a little more headroom.


Remove 3 of the diodes (D1, D2, D3) as indicated by the red and green circles.

Solder a wire link in the position indicated by red circle.

The DC input positive is at the top of the PCB (brown wire) in the photo.

The DC input negative is at the bottom of the PCB (blue wire) in the photo.

Now the input will be polarity sensitive but operate with about 0.6V less voltage.

If reversed no damage will occur – it just won’t work.