Mask with LED backlight

I got some white plastic masks off eBay for a few dollars each.

They may look good attached to a small board, hung on the fence.

There is a 5mm flicker LED illuminating it.  The LED was roughly filed to diffuse it.

Test mock up:


white_mask1When i got back to doing more on this project, I decided to use a high brightness red LED.

Since I had a heap of yellow flicker LEDs, I put one of those as well as a 470R resistor in series with the red LED.

This means I can run them off a centralised 12V supply.

The incoming 12V cable is fed through a small hole in the board.







white_mask2The flicker LED was covered with some 6mm (1/4″) heatshrink.

You can crimp the end of the heatshrink with your fingers as it cools.

A staple was used to hold the wire in place.

Use the lowest setting on the staple gun so you don’t crush it.








white_mask3Some liquid electrical tape was used to cover the connections.

This will protect it somewhat against the rain.











white_mask4After testing, the mask was put over the front.

The staple gun was employed again to hold the ribbon in place.

The wiring was also stapled into place.










white_mask5This shows the relative placement of the LED under the mask.








white_mask6I like the shadow produced above the eyes.

It makes it look a little more sinister!











Here’s the two completed masks running from a 12V power supply.


white_mask7To mount them on the fence, I used fence wire.

A couple of small holes at the top of the board, some bends and we’re done!