Pallet Projects

Here’s some of the items I’ve made using pallet wood:

Raised garden bed. This one used most of a pallet.

The wood was fairly chunky so suited this project well.

A centre divider stops the sides from bowing out.

It also should help keep the sweet potatoes on their own side!






Planter box.

Not very exciting, but something different.










A plant stand.

Gets the pot plant off the ground and better seen.









Larger plant stand.

Could also be used as an outdoor coffee table I guess.










Little plant stand made with a few leftover pieces.










Slightly larger version for us (or the dog) to sit on.










This one is against my home office window.

The dog likes to lay up there and watch me through the window.










One of the first pallet wood projects I made.

The dog can be found here for much of the day.

He can keep an eye on the back yard and the family room.







My wife asked for a small shelf over the washing machine.

A couple of boards and few cuts with the drop saw later it was done.