Air Con Blower

I’d seen some used split system air-con units outside a local air-con installer’s business.

Hmmm… would they contain anything useful?  Below is the blower motor / blade assembly from one.

Maybe it could be used to generate a curtain of air in a Halloween display?


ac_blower1The fan blade section is approx 650mm wide.

That will vary with the air-con brand and model.


ac_blower2The motor shaft is flatted at the end.

A set screw accessed through a missing blade locks it in.









ac_blower3I traced part of the original PCB out to see if it could be easily driven.

It seemed like the red wire was V+ and blue wire was ground.

The yellow wire ultimately went to the CPU board so would be enable / speed.

So… I hooked the red to +24V, blue to ground and yellow to +5V.

The motor sprang into life, although the airflow was unstable without any ducting.

This will go onto my Halloween parts shelf for a future project.