Mini Media Player

These media players sell for $30 – $35 on eBay and work well for the price.  You can play media from a USB drive or SD card.

It has a few video options, but the analog audio output only works in component and composite video modes.

There is an option to automatically start playback at power up, making it ideal for Halloween or Christmas video loops.


The media player comes with a remote control, A/V cable and power supply.

The power supply can run from 240V but has USA style pins.

I’d throw it away and replace with a better quality 5V 2A unit.







Front panel with USB and SD card ports.





Rear panel with component, composite A/V and HDMI outputs.

The power input is 5V DC.




A quick demo of the looping.  The screen doesn’t go blank, but does pause for a fraction of a second as it restarts.