Star Laser (1)

In 2011, I bought two red/green star lasers from AliExpress for less than $65 delivered to my door.

They were supplied with very dodgy looking plug packs with US plug and 5.4V output. Straight into the bin with them! (I did reuse the DC plug and lead)

A cheap, adjustable switching regulator board was employed to drop the 12V output from my DC controllers to the 5.4V required by the laser.

Having the regulator board close to the laser eliminated any voltage drop issues with the cable from the controller.

Mounting the laser inside a camera housing (also from AliExpress) involved some scrap plastic duct and a few screws.

The camera housing and bracket assembly was mounted onto a scrap piece of timber and zip tied to the PVC down pipe.

I can adjust the pan and tilt of the housing so it covers my driveway without going onto the road too much.

Being mounted under the eve of the house, the laser is fairly protected and the housing seems to have stopped any heavier rain that blows in.

I forgot to take a video of the laser before I took my display down. Doh!

So here’s a dodgy video I took when I first got it, pointing on a concrete wall from approx 5m away.