Pixel Circles (PC770)

Back in 2011, I had some WS2803 chips (similar to WS2801 but 18 channels) sitting around so thought I’d come up with a use for them.

This board has 6 RGB 5050 style LEDs arranged in a 50mm circle with the pixel chip in the centre. Input and output connections for (5V) power, clock and data are down the bottom.

Here’s a shot of the completed board lit up.

The overall size of the PCB is 76mm and fits within the 90mm (I/D) storm water caps I intend on using to house these boards. The idea is to build the board, attach wiring, test it then spray with a conformal coating.

The coated board will be exposed to direct rain, but (hopefully) not be affected by it. A dob of silicone will hold it into the PVC cap. The general idea is to keep the costs down.

A really crappy video showing the board in action.