Projector Enclosure

This enclosure is for my Excelvan 33+ LED projector.  Eventually it will look like a grave marker.


Basic box built using some scrap 16mm MDF.

A piece of clear acrylic sheet will go over the front.

Painted and distressed XPS foam will cover the enclosure.









The inside has been painted black to lessen the chance of image reflections

from the acrylic bouncing back out and causing even more light spill.

I’ve also painted the wood end grains to help prevent moisture damage.

The acrylic will be help in place with 3 screws.

It will have vents so the projector doesn’t overheat.







As with most of my props, I added a couple of skids to keep it off the ground.

This should help keep moisture off the base of the prop.

It also allows for a cable to exit the bottom of the box.






Projector and media player sat in for test fit.










While I wait for the XPS foam to arrive, I made a smaller version.

The smaller one is about 185mm high inside at the front (135mm rear) .

Slightly higher would have been better, but luckily the media player is thin.







An old USB cable can be chopped and soldered to a 3 pin header.

This way the 5V fan can just plug into the cable assembly.








Foam sanded with a random orbital sander.

That tidied up the sawn edges and overlaps.

It also took the sheen off the surface.

Maybe the paint will stick better?








Cross milled out – about 10mm deep.

I could have milled shallower I think.

Cross filled with black paint.








First coat of grey paint for a cement / stone look.