Rat Box

A fair proportion of people find rats a mix of disgusting and terrifying.

That sounds like the perfect premise for a Halloween prop !

rat_box1Once again, (free) pallet wood was used to make this prop.






rat_box2The top boards form a removable panel for setup.

The base is raised up on small “skids” to allow for future wiring.









rat_box3The mesh is leftover black plastic gutter guard.

It was sprayed silver and stapled into place.






rat_box4Temporary LEDs in place to check lighting options.

The pair of rats (one grey & one black) were $12 (with free post) on eBay.








The audio track uses a $3 mp3 player board running from a small li-po cell.


wood_shavings1No point spending money on wood shavings from a pet store.

A few minutes with a drill and scrap piece of pallet wood.








wood_shavings2Hey presto!  One bag of wood shavings.

Perfect to go on the rat box floor as a finishing touch.