Skeleton Dog Makeover

It was time to give the skeleton dog and his kennel a makeover.


bonez1Some UV LEDs were added to give the skeleton dog a nice glow.

I made those little 3 LED PCBs with integrated resistor and mounting hole.

A few P-clamps hold the cables in place.







bonez2This time the speaker is mounted to the rear wall using it’s swivel bracket.









bonez3The dog fits in there nicely.








bonez4What are you lookin’ at pal ?










bonez5The UV LEDs really make the while skeleton stand out.

The speaker at the back is effectively invisible though.








bonez6I’ve added a small servo mounted underneath the spine using hot melt glue.

The jaw push/pull wire was cut from old RC toy antenna and painted black.








bonez7The micro servo plugs into a matching 3 pin socket on the cable tail.

This allows for the servo to be more easily replaced if need be.







Here’s a quick video of the servo controlling his jaw:


bonez8 The custom prop controller is fitted.

It plays the audio, moves the jaw servo and activates

the LED eyes and hidden UV LEDs






The completed prop in action.  It is triggered by an IR proximity sensor.