Haunted Shovel

Prototype of my haunted shovel.  This is a slight variation on the one that Matt Roberts (on Halloween Forum) did.

It uses a 12V wiper motor (actually from a garage roller door) and some scrap metal.

This is the prototype made with what I had laying about at home.

haunted_shovel_in_box1The motor was mounted to a base board using a couple of L brackets.

A 12V battery was used for testing, but the final version will be run on 5V.

I left room for a DC-DC converter to drop the incoming 12V down to 5V.

A new push rod made from mild steel bar was also made up.

The push travel is now longer due to the added pivot bar across the gear.






haunted_shovel_in_box2 A wooden cover goes over the top to make it a little less visible.

The incoming 12V feed goes through a hole in the rear of the cover.

Two holes in the base allow for tent pegs to hold it in position.







The motor is running too fast in this video.  On 5V it’s a nice smooth action.

Here it is set up on the day.


haunted_shovel_deutsch_connectorsAfter Halloween I upgraded the DC motor connections.

2 pin DT series Deutsch connectors replaced the QC terminals.

This makes the whole assembly more weatherproof.