USB Battery Banks

I’ve been thinking about using a small battery pack to drive some LEDs (pixels ?) on a Christmas costume.

It could also be used to power a small display element where running power wires would be inconvenient.

So, after trawling eBay for 15 mins, I settled on these two items:

USB_Battery_Bank1 This unit (bought on eBay) takes two 18650 Li-ion cells.

The output is 5V DC and is rated for 1.5A.

That should be enough to run some pixel strip or a small pixel string.









USB_Battery_Bank2It’s not obvious at first, but the case halves slide apart.

Luckily the 4 little hook tabs didn’t break when I prised the case apart – doh!










Hmmm… the stiff wire for the battery negative terminals is damn close to the cut-out in the positive tabs.

I think I’ll bend that a little or slip a piece of plastic tubing over that bit.





18650_3000mAhI also bought a pair of these 18650 cells that are rated at 3000mAh.












When the cells arrived, I charged the bank up and then used it to charge my phone as a test.  I haven’t checked the capacity but it seems useful so far.

The LED shows red when it’s charging and blue when it’s supplying current.

When disconnected, you can just see a very faint flicker of the blue LED in a completely darkened room.