Cable Ties

Some miscellaneous musings about cable ties:

Don’t cut the excess tail off the tie.  Tuck it out of the way if need be,

This way you don’t have to collect all of those bits as you fasten them.

Your display visitors will never notice them during the night.

When you go to take your display down, the ties are easier to spot.

You also have something to grip as you cut the tie off.

This method results in no more little plastic bits spread through the lawn.




Cable ties are great to bundle lighting cables.

Try using the tie “backwards” (thread the tail though the other way).






This way the tie can be reused many times as cables are added.

When you’re done simply put the tie around the right way to lock in place.

Sometimes I even leave them around the “wrong way” for the season.

The tie can have a second life and be used when packing cables away.