Skeleton Dog

I bought a small skeleton dog from an eBay seller.  Although described as “animated” he doesn’t move, but the eyes flash and he barks.

There are two modes; sound activated and push button (“try me”) activated.  Not all that useful.

So… I removed the battery / control / speaker box from his head and ran new wiring to the eye LEDs.

The original control board was reused with a larger speaker and sounds so much better, especially the growling.

Since the original batteries were 3 small cells, I powered it from 5V with a series diode to drop the voltage a little.


skeleton_dogThe kennel was made from scrap pallet timber.

I was going to do a gable roof, but lack of time meant he got a flat one instead !

The wood looks too new, so I’ll give it an aged look for next year.










proximity_sensorA proximity sensor in a pot plant was used to trigger the dog.

This sensor has a maximum detection distance of 80cm.

It is connected to control board that in turn triggers the dog via the original “try me” switch wires.

That also provides a lockout time so he isn’t going off all the time.







skeleton_dog2 The speaker and control board were put at the rear of the box.

You couldn’t see them at night.












skeleton_dog_controllerThe black “tail” on the dog is the cable going to the eye LEDs.

Everything was wired up and tested on the big day.

I’ll be making a more suitable control board for 2016.

If I can find the bracket, I’ll mount the speaker to the rear wall.