Enclosure Ventilation

Ventilation for power supply and controller enclosures is essential in the Australian summer.


DS-VH-60These vents (available here) require a hole cutout of 62.5mm.












60mm_vent_fanA 60mm fan suits it well.

Secure it to the back of the vent using #4 self tapping screws.

I sell a good quality 12V 60mm fan here.










90mm_flangeAnother possibility is this 90mm rainwater fitting from Bunnings.













90mm_insect_screenThis insect screen (also from Bunnings) fits right onto it.












50mm_vent_cowlThis 50mm vent cowl (again, from Bunnings) may also work when used with a suitable flange.











MH1210A_frontThe above ventilation hardware could be used with a temperature controller.

Click here for more details on the MH1210A unit pictured.