Skeleton Swing

This swing was made from a few pieces of pallet wood and some old nylon rope.

The white rope was painted brown and grey to make it look older and stand out less.



wiper_motor_arm1The motor and plastic gear are from a garage door opener.

The motor arm was made from 25mm x 3mm flat aluminium.

Two holes were drilled into the plastic gear.

The gear has an odd number of teeth, so the holes are slightly offset.





wiper_motor_arm2Since the pull wire passes close by each rotation I used

countersunk screws to keep the bar surface clear.




skeleton_swing_deutsch_connectorsI ended up using 2 pin DT series Deutsch connectors for the motor.

They should survive the weather better than the original QC terminals.






Motor mechanism with original short arm:

Operation with longer arm:

Night shot with longer arm and LED lighting in place: