This roughly 50% scale outhouse will be my new prop for Halloween 2017.


The base is approx 600mm wide and 500mm deep.

It was made from a small machinery pallet.

The walls and roof part of the outhouse will drop over the base.

This will allow it to be transported in a couple of lighter weight pieces.







The basic frame is done with a few wall boards attached.

I’ll need a second pallet to finish off the walls.

The front will be approx 1000mm tall.

The rear will be approx 900mm tall.

I’ll cut the back and sides once all of the wall boards are done.









Another pallet cut up and the walls are done.

The sides and back have been trimmed to height.

It’s pretty rough woodworking, but it will do for a prop.











Temporary roof on to see how bad my cuts were!

Some hacking here and there got it reasonably level.

A bucket stands in for the thunder box for now.

I’ll make that out of ply next.

Also on the to-do list is a door on hinges.









Basic box made for the skeleton to sit on.

Still deciding on what to do with the thunder box.

Door is made, but not mounted (no hinges yet).











Roof is made.  It just sits in place.

The door is mounted using a couple of cheap T-strap hinges.

I cut the door down a little to have a gap at the top and bottom.











The door swings back 180°.












Testing of the door close solenoid:


Another view of the door close solenoid:


Car door lock actuator inside the thunder box.

The rod pushes the door from the inside.







Testing of the door open solenoid:


The interior is lit by three 12V, triple LED modules.

A couple of miniature lanterns hang from the roof.

They are cheap battery operated colour changing units.

The skeleton is obscured at this point.










Once the door flings open you can see the skeleton.

The interior LED modules are RGB so can change colour.

It’s hard to see here, but the wood has been treated with a

vinegar solution that had steel wool dissolving in it for a few weeks.

This has made the wood look a lot less fresh.









Here’s my custom prop controller board.

It clips onto a piece of DIN rail for easy installation.

There are outputs for RGB LEDs, 3 motors / solenoids

2 servos and a speaker driven by the mp3 module.

The processor is an Arduino Nano.






The RGB LED modules are tucked behind the top rail.

All of the wiring will be hidden from public view.








Open solenoid added and initial sequence loaded:


Some firmware changes and an updated sequence: