Halloween Power Supply

For 2017 Halloween I decided to upgrade the power supply used to power all of the props on my front patio area.

The enclosure was from Bunnings (or Masters?) and is usually sold for Christmas light power boards and plugpacks.


The 24V power supply was actually a used 27V one that I saved from a piece of

equipment being scrapped.  I adjusted the voltage to the minimum (~ 26V) as the

props it will be powering all have DC converters in them anyway.

The (black) 12V power supply is rated for 12.5A so can comfortably power all of

the 12V RGB spot lights and fairy lights I plan to use around the patio area.

Both power supplies share a common mains input.




Each DC output is independently fused.  After this photo was taken I changed

the 12V output fuses to 3A and the 24V output fuses to 2A ratings.

Wire ferrules (boot lace terminals) were used on all wires.

They provide a good connection and prevent stray wires becoming an issue.








The completed unit.

Each output cable terminates in a 2-pin Deutsch DT series connector.

They provide a good weather seal (when mated) and should be reliable.

The voltage on each output is marked using a cable tie tag to help avoid mistakes.

Even though this power supply will be under cover, making it reasonably weatherproof

gives me peace of mind in case we encounter heavy rains on the night.