71cm Candy Canes

I bought a bunch of 71cm candy canes from Kmart a few years ago. The don’t come with any lights but do have a ground stake. I think I paid about $3 each on clearance.

The plan is to use one of my PC710 (18 channel) boards in the base of each cane. That way I’ll have control over each LED in each cane.

I also bought some high intensity 8mm diffused red LEDs from an eBay seller. They were advertised as 6000mcd LEDs, but after testing them @ 20mA I doubt they are that bright.

So, out came the wiring jig I made a couple of years ago. It’s based on this one made by another Christmas light fan.

The individual channel wires are all in place. I used white 30AWG wire purchased from eBay.

1.5mm heatshrink holds the wiring together for the top 6 or so LEDs.

3mm heatshrink tubing was used for the remaining LEDs.

To be continued…