30W RGB Light (90V-260V)

I bought a couple of “30W RGB flood with remote” lights on eBay for not a lot of money.

It came with a short mains tail (no plug) and one of those thin IR remote controls.

30w_rgb_light1First thing I did was to open one up.

As expected, the mains earth wire was floating about.

This seems to be usual practice in these cheap Chinese lights.






30w_rgb_light2Everything suggests that it should be a 30W light, but is it ?

I wonder if the brand name is trying to seem like Mean Well ?






30w_rgb_light3The driver / controller seems to suggest that it’s 30W total.





30w_rgb_light4A new mains flex with Australian plug was fitted.

The earth wire now connects securely to the case.











30w_rgb_light5So, what was the power consumption?

Red: ~10W

Green: ~10W

Blue: ~11.5W

White: ~10W

It’s clear that the controller is throttling back the individual

colours when more than one colour element is active.



30w_rgb_light6Interestingly the red LEDs are slightly illuminated when the unit is switched off by the remote.

The power consumption was around 1.1W when off (standby).











30w_rgb_light7In real life the red was not as bright as this picture suggests.

It was still pretty usable though.







30w_rgb_light8The trees naturally take the green colour more readily.








Overall, the light seems useful for the price.  The remote has buttons for on/off as well as static and changing colours.

You must open them up and provide a proper earth connection though, not simply join onto the supplied mains tail.