Zombie Warning Digital Sign Post

The guts of another digital photo frame pulled from its frame.

Total cost for this project was less than $30.

The circuit board was hot melt glued to the rear of the LCD.

Plastic spacers keep it up off the metal plate.

A 5V power regulator PCB was added so it can run from 12V – 24V.

The 2 pin connector tail allows for easy removal / maintenance.





Two holes in rear of the enclosure for the stake mounting screws.

A third hole was drilled for the DC input cable.

I still have to add a cable gland to that hole.






The (more or less) completed unit.

I could have mounted the box landscape style, but portrait style

looked more interesting and the images were easy to find online.






This sign is self illuminating so that’s one less thing to deal with.

The images can be changed very easy to suit different themes.

You can see the hot melt glue holding the LCD to the front face.











Here it is with some 50mm black & yellow tape applied.

Not the neatest of jobs, but good enough in the near dark!

I may be able to use the whole screen area by creating

images of the same aspect as the screen.











 A flashing red/blue LED was also added for extra impact.

This is run from the output of the 5V regulator PCB.