Water Pumps & Accessories

I grabbed some bits off eBay to experiment with:


car_washer_pumpThis 12V pump is sold (eBay under $5) as a BMW replacement part.

It works well, but like most windscreen wash motors, is damn noisy.

Interestingly the polarity (not marked) doesn’t seem to make any difference.







3-6v_submersible_pumpThis little submersible pump is rated for 3V – 6V operation.

It comes with a cable tail approx 100mm long.

This one operates quite well and is nice and quiet.

It was less than $2 (free postage) on eBay.

Claimed specs:
Maximum lift: 40-110cm.  Flow rate: 80-120L/H.
Water outlet: 7.5mm O/D, 5mm I/D.
Diameter 24mm, length 45mm,  height 30mm



water_pumpThis one was around $5 with free postage on eBay.

It drew water quite well with about 300mm of hose on the inlet side.

Although rated for 12V use, it does work down to 5V or so.

Operation is reasonably quiet once the pump has primed.

Claimed specs:

Rated Voltage : DC 12V

Load Current : 0.3A

Max Flow : 2-3L/Min

Outlet Pumping head:1-2.5Kg : 1-25M

Water Hole Dia : 9.2mm/0.36″”

Total Size : 85 x 40 x 32mm (L*W*H)