Cheap Prop Controller Enclosure

These 500ml food containers are 3 for $2 at Kmart.  Just the thing for keeping the weather off your prop controller boards.

There are smaller and larger containers in the same range, varying in price from 4 for $2, up to a few dollars each.


The prop controller is mounted on a piece of DIN rail.

The DIN rail is screwed through the bottom of the container and into the prop.

Even if a small amount of water leaks in the large hole will let it out.

Make sure you pre-drill the screw holes to avoid cracking the plastic.

The large hole was done using a 3mm pilot hole, then a step drill.

All of the holes drilled quite neatly with minimal clean-up required.





With the lid on I expect that the PCB will be protected against any rain.

I doubt these containers are UV stable, but inside the prop they’ll be fine.