Roof Tile Ridge Mount

This TV antenna mount can sit on top of the tile ridge capping.


tile_roof_ridge_antenna_mountI bought a couple off eBay, but the same one is available in Bunnings in the Antsig brand.









whites_silt_bagsTo hold the above bracket in place, I’ve used a pair of these silt (sand) bags from Bunnings.













easy_mix_dw_sandBuying sand from a landscape supplies place would possibly be cheaper, but Bunnings sell it too.













tile_roof_ridge_antenna_mount2A test fit on the ridge cap tiles shows that the 120° angle makes for a snug fit.

I’ve added a couple of strips of purlin tape so the metal isn’t in direct contact with the tiles.

The reason for that is they were re-coated a couple of years ago and I don’t want the top layer damaged.









tile_roof_ridge_antenna_mount3I used 34mm (O/D) galvanised pipe bought from a local metal merchant.

Two pieces (each 1m long) cost me a whole $11.50 which is cheaper than buying them as antenna poles.





25746These chair leg rubber tips are used as a cap to keep rain out of the pipe.

I bought 38mm ones (from Bunnings) which are a little large, but the next size down was 32mm.

A bit of silicon holds them on securely.







pipersmail_tile_ridge_mountHere’s one used for an LED star motif in fellow light enthusiast Christmas on Clarafield’s display.

He used two “shot bags” (10kg each) to hold it in place.

They were about $35 each and I’m a cheapskate, hence the sand bags.











tile_roof_ridge_antenna_mount5Here’s mine placed on the ridge cap with two sand bags holding it place.

Each bag was filled with 10kg of sand, which left a little room for the bag to contour to the roof.

Filling with 9.5kg of sand may allow it to sit a little better, but I’ll see how it goes.

I added some heatshrink tubing over the U clamp threads to shop them cutting into the bags.