10W RGB Floodlight (2)

The original P-DMX mod I did to the 10W RGB flood lights worked fine, but it did mean the CAT5 cable was permanently attached and of fixed length.

After removing the original cable with XLR3 connectors, I wired in the 4 plug and lead.

Luckily the module inside the light is clearly marked with what each wire is for. You will only need to rewire the power and DMX connections. The RGB ones going to the front are left as-is.

This is the same type of plug I used on the pixel strips that I attached to conduit for my gutter line.

Blue: +12V

Brown: 0V

Black DMX +

Green: DMX –

The pinout is in the da-share wiki which also shows the pin positions in case the colours change on the next batch of leads from China.

See here for how to use the AT3031 programmer to set the start address.

If the flood light doesn’t receive a valid DMX signal for a couple of seconds it will go into a test mode.  This is a repeating sequence of colour changes and fades.

Front view of the completed unit.

I’ll make up new cables with RJ45 on one end and a 4 pin socket on the other.

Rear view of the completed unit.

Don’t forget to refit the silicone seal for the back shell and tighten up the screws and cable gland.