Brick Grips

These “Brick Grip” clips offer a way to secure items to a standard brick wall without drilling or glue.

They are made right here in Australia and can be bought via the Brick Grip web site.

I bought the starter pack (5 pieces for $22 including post) using the PayPal link on their order page.

It arrived via Australia Post only a few days after ordering


brick_grip1There’s not much to it so nothing really to go wrong.

I straightened out the tab (on left) a little to make it easier to fit.

A small instruction sheet was included in the starter package.


brick_grip2The zinc coated metal strip is approx 19mm (3/4″) wide.





brick_grip3Here it is clipped onto the brick.  Once on there, it’s quite secure.

Removing it takes a reasonable amount of effort.