Garbage Can Prop

Here’s my garbage can (trash can for the USA folk) prop.

I got a metal garbage can for free off Gumtree a while ago.

A few days before Halloween 2018 I thought of a use for it.


From the outside it looks completely normal.

I might grunge it up a bit for next year.










I cut a disc of ply wood to hold the various parts.

It is simply wedged into the can.

Two edges were cut straight to allow for easy removal.







A car door lock actuator bangs against the ride of the can.

One of my prop controller boards fire the actuator and plays the audio.

An RF remote receiver is used to trigger the prop.

A DC-DC converter drops the incoming 24V down to 12V.







A hole was drill in the bottom for the power cable entry.

The grommet stops the metal can cutting through the cable.








The metal can is a pretty good RF shield so a hole was

drilled in the side to allow the antenna to hang outside.

This increased the remote’s range from 2m to over 15m.