Small Creature Box

One new prop for my 2018 Halloween display is a small creature box.


The box was made from scrap pallet wood.

The bars on the “window” were cut down window blind slide rails.









The bars are a friction fit with glue holding them into place.

I reused the frame’s front glass and glued it into position.







A used digital picture frame (< $20 off Gumtree) plays the video.

The piece of wood across the back of the frame holds it in place.

A screw through each side panel allows east removal.






A DC-DC converter drops the incoming 24V down to 12V.

The p-clamp secures the cable in place.

A 25mm hole allows for the DC cable and plug to exit.







The video loop “Eerie Eyes” is from AtmosFX.









The top screws on.

My woodworking is pretty rough, but good enough for a prop.