Controller Cabinet

For 2014 I redid my large controller cabinets.  (2012 / 2013 one is here)  The power supplies were moved to the back of the panel and a 24V power supply added.  My 12 channel DC controllers (WS2801 input) clip onto the DIN rails.  I also added a 60mm fan that runs whenever the power supplies are running (via a DMX relay)

This cabinet is for the right side of my display.

I had a dedicated power point and network connection installed.

It contains:

  • 4x 12 channel of DC controllers
  • 1x ECG-DR4 E1.31 to DMX interface
  • 1x ECG-PIXAD8 E1.31 pixel controller
  • 1x APC707A P-DMX distributor
  • 1 each of 5V, 12V, 24V and 30V power supplies
  • 1x 4 way mains fuse PCB
  • 1x DMX relay board to switch the above power supplies on remotely.

This cabinet is for the left side of my display.

Again it has a dedicated power point and network connection installed.

Here’s the rear of one of the panels.

The DMX relay powers the ECG-DR4 so it can receive DMX all the time.

When it is triggered, it turns on the 4 switch-mode power supplies.

Each power supply has it’s own fused output on the small board at top left.

A 5V 60mm fan keeps the air moving though the enclosure.