Retro Filament Lamps

One day I’ll make some items for a Frankenstein’s laboratory scene.

st58_e27_110vI saw these lamps on eBay. for about $4 each.

They have an E27 base and are 110V.

A 240V version is also available, but would require too much voltage to light at all.

The idea is to get a nice glow at the lowest possible operating voltage.









boost_converter_120wThis boost converter module was $6.60 on eBay.

The input can be from 10V to 32V.  I will probably use 12V.

The output is adjustable from 35V to 60V.

I’ll be running the lamps at 50 – 60V so they have a dull vintage glow.

This way the prop can still be powered with a safe, low voltage.








filament_lamp_boost_converterHere is the lamp running from the boost converter module.

The output voltage was set to a shade under 50V.

This output was maintained with an input voltage as low as

10.5V but I’ll more than likely be using it with a 24V input.

The golden glow should look great in a Halloween environment.