Barricade Light

I had an idea for a Halloween scene that involves a barricade warning light.

barricade_light1Bunnings sells a Whites branded one for $10.50 that takes one or two 6V lantern batteries.

I got mine for $10 from a local 2nd hand / surplus shop.

It has 2 LEDs, recessed switched for on/off and steady/flashing modes.

It also has an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) inside so that it turns off during daylight hours.

barricade_light2A metal bracket on the rear can be used to attach the light to a pole.

barricade_light3I had a 1200mAh 3.7V Li-Po cell laying about, so I simply soldered a mating

connector tail to the original battery pads. It seems to power the unit just fine.

The Li-Po will have to be removed for recharging of course.

The fully charged 1200mAh Li-Po cell powered the unit (flash mode) for approx

72 hours continuous operation.  Towards the end the flash rate increased markedly.

barricade_light4My half-arsed paint job.

At least it doesn’t look brand new now!