Radioactive Waste Drum

For 2016 Halloween I want to do some sort of bio-hazard scene.  Maybe a toxic spill that caused a zombie to rise from the grave.

After looking (unsuccessfully) on eBay for 200L drums that were nearby and cheap, I rang a local marine service agent.  They offered me one for free!


200_drum1I chose a drum that was “pre-stressed” (already dinged up) .

It did have a load of freight stickers and labels that need to be cleaned off.













So, I finally got back to this project.

Last weekend I painted the whole drum with a few coats of matte black.

This weekend my wife made a radiation stencil using her Cricut machine.

Some “Monza Red” paint later we have something more dramatic looking.









200_drum3A few whacks with a rubber mallet gives it the “fell off a truck” look.











toxic_spillSome expanding foam was used to make the “spill”.

The foam was painted with UV reactive green paint.








200_drum4The final prop in place on Halloween night.

In my rush I didn’t get a chance to hook up a UV LED.

An RGB LED set to green had to suffice for 2016.