Cathedral Radio

I picked up this (Lenoxx branded) cathedral style radio for $20 off Gumtree.

It didn’t work, but I only wanted it for the case.

radio2The original Masonite speaker panel was removed.

The grille cloth was separated from it and glued to the rear the front panel.

This allowed for more sound (and some light) through the patterned front.

A new (larger) speaker was secured to the side.

A 12V LED module (wired for red only) was glued to the top.





radio1For a cheap reproduction the unit looks surprisingly good (old).

The original circuit board was disconnected but left in place.












radio3The red LEDs and the original dial lamp run from the 12V directly.

A tiny DC-DC converter drops the 12V to 5V for the mp3 board.

The mp3 board can play audio from a USB stick or micro-SD card.

I’m using micro-SD cards in all props that use this mp3 board.







radio4The rear panel is back on.

The 12V DC input is via a 2 metre cable tail with 2-pin connector.

I use these connectors on a lot of my low current props and LED lights.











radio5I added a volume pot for easier (external) adjustment.

It is a 50 Ohm 3Wwire wound type.

The mp3 board was also secured to the rear panel.








radio6The zip tie hold the mp3 board in place.

I cut the pot shaft down and cut a screwdriver slot into it.









Here’s the radio in action.  The phone camera didn’t pick up the audio all that well.