Spirit Ball

This prop was a spur of the moment idea using bits and pieces I had to hand.  I got the table for free (Gumtree) some time ago.

The acrylic globe was $5 from Bunnings as a clear out item about 3 years ago.  I knew I’d get to use it one day!

The disco lamp was modified to 24V DC by removing the small power supply PCB and fitting a DC converter set to around 10V.


The centre pole mount was cut out of the light’s plastic ring.

A jigsaw was used to cut a matching hole in the table top.

The screws had to go on the inside of the ring to avoid fouling

the white acrylic globe when it’s twisted on last.








An E27 lamp base was mounted to the underside.

The terminals are exposed, but it’s low voltage DC, not mains.








The disco light screws in from the top side.

To get the most even coverage of the globe, the lamp socket was

positioned so the faceted dome was level with the top of the ring.








It looks pretty good when lit.

I had to reduce the voltage to the LED / motor board so that

the LEDs were not overly bright and the motor was slower.