Try-Me Halloween Prop Controller

This prop controller board is designed to trigger Halloween props that have the try-me button.

An on-board regulator provides power (nominally 4.5V, but adjustable) for the prop. No more batteries!

It has a PIR (or step pad, etc) trigger input and a trigger output to the prop’s try-me function.

It also has a switched aux 12V output to drive some scene illumination. The time that that aux output stays on for is adjustable as is the lock-out time.

This means you can adjust it to suit your prop’s run time and not have it trigger continuously when people hang around too long.


Only 4 connections to the original PCB.

Just 2 to the battery contacts & 2 to the try-me wires.

Most times the connections can be made without having

to remove or solder to the prop PCB itself.








The prop plugs into the 4 pin connector.

A 12V aux output connects to the scene illumination.

The trigger input can be used with a PIR, step pad, etc.