Spooky Eyes

These spooky eyes are to be partially hidden in a tree or hedge, etc.

26mm_eyesThe eyeballs are available on eBay for about AUD $5 per pack.

You get 4 pairs of them; grey, green, blue and brown.









25mm_conduit_adapterThe eyes are mounted into the end of 25mm conduit adapters bought from Bunnings.











25mm_conduit_adapter2 The adapters were spray painted matt black to blend into the background (tree foliage) better.

Since the eyes are about 26mm in diameter, I used a step drill to bore the end of the adapter out.

Even then the eyes were a tiny bit larger so I had to file the edge of them before they would clip in.










spooky_eyes_box1The adapters were mounted into the base of a black plastic box.

These are available from Altronics or Jaycar. Look for “UB3” type.

I spaced the eyes 70mm apart which is a little wider than human spacing.






Each eye has a “dumb” 12V RGB pixel wired in parallel.

A bit of hot melt glue holds the pixels in place.

A cable tail with 4 pin connector exits the box via a cable gland.





spooky_eyes_foamI used a bit of foam packing rolled up to keep the pixels centered.

This was handy while the hot melt glue was setting.











spooky_eyes_box3Eyeballs are glued in.








spooky_eyesEven at 50% intensity white they are quite bright.