DMX RF Mains Switches

After seeing some people talking about using X10 modules to switch some 240Vac display items on and off occasionally, I thought I’d have a look at cheap RF mains switches.

Here’s the Doss (model MRC03) 3 packs of remote mains switches I bought from Rockby Electronics.

Each mains socket has a selector switch to choose what channel it responds to.

I only used the transmitter for initial testing and reverse engineering.

Altronics also (still?) sell a similar remote set under the Jackson brand.

I ended up designing a transmitter board that accepts DMX to control up to 4 of them.

It features a P-DMX input, address DIP switch and a low power 433MHz transmitter module.

You can select between the Doss and Jackson protocols using DIP switch 10.

More details can be found in the da-Share wiki page.