32″ TV Stand + Media Player

I was given a used 32″ LCD TV so I thought I’d mount it to use in a front window for Halloween.

The image shown on the screen is from the AtmosFX “Unliving Portraits” range of looping videos.


A simple timber frame made from scrap wood supports the TV.

The support piece was notched to clear the TV’s plastic case.

Some flat black paint on the sides and front will help it blend in a night.

The bolt holes for my TV were M6, but check first as they vary.

I ended up using metal spacers between the support piece and the TV.

This made the notched areas in the support redundant.

Spacing the screen forward also made the assembly more balanced.







The media player (eBay ~ $35) was velcro’d to the rear of the TV.

These players work well and auto play at power-up. [related article]

I chopped up the original PSU cable and wired it to a USB A plug.

It now draws 5V power from the TV’s USB port and saves a mains plug.

The long HDMI cable will soon be replaced with a 30cm one.