MultiPlay 3 beta releases are available right now.

Check it out in the da-Share Forum

MultiPlay is a Windows based program designed to play cues for theatre or corporate use. It is free to use in both amateur and commercial environments. Some of the cue types available in MultiPlay 3:

  • Single (mono or stereo) audio file
  • A list of audio files to play sequentially for pre-show, intermission, etc
  • Timed pauses
  • Control cues to act upon other cues
  • Serial or network strings to trigger external devices
  • OSC commands
  • MIDI sequence (music) playback
  • MIDI command to control external equipment
  • MIDI Mute for audio muting on external mixer
  • Images with transition effects
  • Video playback
  • Lots more!

Cues can be linked in various ways to play at the same time or after each other, etc as well as stop/fade other cues. Productions can be named, saved, loaded, printed and exported. Each audio cue can be assigned to one of several audio groups. Each of those groups can be assigned any one of the available stereo audio cards. A preview function can be routed to another stereo output. The beta releases may have small issues, but are generally very usable.

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